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DIY Vertical Garden from an Old Downspout

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The last vertical planter finally gave up. It’s backing is crumbling into dust. Time for a new one! I used an old, vinyl downspout to make a new one. I expect this to hold up for more than one season of planting. Here’s how I put it together: Materials &… Read more »

The places that MSG hides

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Both my husband and I are sensitive to monosodium glutamate or MSG. We check all the labels on food, but still kept getting sick from many foods. Then my mom found┬áthis list of ingredients that contain MSG: autolyzed yeast hydrolyzed protein yeast extract yeast nutrient sodium caseinate maltodextrins textured protein… Read more »

How to stop missing Facebook posts

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Have you noticed that the Facebook pages you’ve Liked never seem to show up in your news feed anymore? Ever since Facebook went public, they’ve had to push business pages into advertising for them to show up, even to the fans who want to see their posts. This includes musicians,… Read more »

Can’t See the Stove Knobs? Try This

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My husband has old eyes. He can’t see close-up without using reading glasses and although we seem to have pairs scattered everywhere in the house, when he goes to the stove they never seem to be in the kitchen. Using his fuzzy vision to turn the knob, he’d end up… Read more »

It’s still cold outside. Break out the scarves!

Do you love scarves? In the last year I’ve really gotten into wearing them. They’re the best way to keep the drafts from going down a V-neck sweater. Gotta keep the ta-ta’s warm! After building up a nice collection, it occurred to me that I probably should find different ways… Read more »