Do you need to relax? Try this website

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Every now and then I get absolutely swamped and overwhelmed. That is par for the course when you have an ecommerce gift basket business, but knowing when the busy seasons are coming and actually dealing with the stress can be two different beasts.

One tool I use to help relax and de-stress is a website called It’s a sound generator site that has some of the best sounds for relaxation. At the end of a trying day, I’ll change into my most comfy pj’s, pop in the headphones and tune into one of the many soundscapes.

My favorites are Tibetan Choir, Saturn Rings and the Laundromat. Yes, there is a laundromat soundscape! When I listen to that one it actually makes me feel warmer because every laundromat I’ve been in is warm and humid.

I also like the Isochronic Generator, which is a brainwaves entrainment generator (click the link for an explanation). Sometimes I’ll use it to slowly wind down since you can choose the level of brain activity you want from active, to relaxed, to sleepy.

While you’re there, consider donating to keep the site going and get access to special sounds!

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