DIY Gravity Fed Drip Irrigation

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With the weather warming up it’s getting challenging trying to keep the lettuce in my vertical garden watered. I used an old downspout, so it’s not very deep and tends to dry out quicker than a pot would.

I came up with an idea for a gravity fed drip system using an old bike basket, an old juice bottle and parts from a failed RainDrip project.

DIY drip irrigation materials



This is what the vertical garden looks like. I wanted to add the drip irrigation system to the top left where the main pole can support the water bottle.

DSCN2189Originally I thought I’d need to use a screw to attach the basket to the wall, but found that I could just tie it to the support pole with heavy-duty twine.


Using the mat knife I cut the top off the juice bottle. There was an indentation all around the top, so I cut just above it so that I could attach the mosquito screen more easily.

I poked a hole into the bottom of the bottle and inserted a T-shaped RainDrip connector, then sealed it up with the silicone caulk. It took a full day to dry completely.

The mosquito screen was harder to secure onto the bottle than I expected. The rubber band kept popping off! Finally it stayed in place (it’s the blue band at the top of the bottle in the photo below).


Adding the first length of tubing first and then inserting into the bike basket made the process much easier. I was able to push in the connectors and nozzles fairly easy and that way I was also able to line them up with the plants better. I used the 1/2 gallon drip nozzles.


I just kept going, alternating the tubing with the nozzles all the way down to the last plant. It works really well and definitely makes watering much easier.

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