Vining Cucumbers

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cucumbers by Max MallettThis year I decided to try growing something on our large windowbox. It was originally put in as a way to grow plants out of the reach of the deer and gophers. We just never actually put any planters on it and used it. We found a self-watering planter that came with it’s own attachable trellis – perfect for this windowbox.

Since we eat a lot of cucumbers I though that would be a good plant to start with. I read somewhere online to use vining cucumbers. It didn’t say which varieties are vining though, so off to Google.

Who knew that figuring out which are vining and which are bush varieties would be so difficult! So here’s a list that I’m compiling for anyone else who is looking for them.

Vining Cucumbers:

  • Alibi
  • Burpee Hybrid
  • County Fair 83
  • Crystal White Pickler Hybrid
  • Dasher 11
  • Diva
  • Early Spring Burpless Hybrid
  • Eureka Hybrid
  • Garden Sweet
  • Liberty Hybrid
  • Marketmore Select
  • Park’s All-Season Burpless Hybrid
  • Park’s Select Slicer
  • Park’s Wire
  • Saladin
  • Sir Crunch a Lot Hybrid
  • Slice Master Hybrid
  • Slice Nice
  • Spacemaster 80
  • Spring Swallow Hybrid
  • Sweet Slice
  • Sweet Success
  • Tasty Green

Bush Cucumbers:

  • Bush Champion
  • Park’s Bush Whopper
  • Pickle Bush
  • Pot Luck
  • Salad Bush
  • Spacemaster

I’ll add more as I find them.



Park Seed – climbing vegetables

SF Gate Home Guides – Bush Cucumbers vs. Vine Cucumbers

Photo credit: cucumbers by Max Mallett, used under a CC/Flickr license

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