Beginning Investor Journey

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1C1A9389B4I’m not actually a total beginner when it comes to investing, but I sure feel that way many times.

Most of my investing is probably familiar to a lot of middle-class Americans; IRA accounts, CD’s, a few stocks and a savings account.

One of my frustrations about trying to learn investing is that there seems to be a big gap between the basics and everything else. It’s easy to find out what a stock is, but hard to figure out how to find a good one. That’s where the information get complicated.

Forums can be helpful, but too often they seem to be filled with people who talk a big talk (with lots of technical words). That’s not helpful for a beginner. I figure those people fall into two categories:

1. They don’t know what they’re talking about and try to hide it behind big words
2. They actually do know and have forgotten how easy it is to overwhelm us beginners

Books and websites tend to be the same way; a lot of dry, confusing information that leaves me more perplexed than when I started. You know that feeling when your eyes start glazing over and rolling around in your head…

It would be great to find a step-by-step way to learn about investing. There’s probably something like that out there, I just haven’t found it yet.

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